Christian Certification Authority Pty Ltd

Bringing businesses into the Light!


Christian Certification Authority Australia is dedicated to providing equal opportunities in the marketplace and food production industries across Australia. 

Christian Certification Authority provides certification to businesses that support and respect the Christian faith and see Christian consumers as a major part of their continued growth. Along with Australia’s many other faiths, Christians also have the right to be made aware if products made by companies uphold certain beliefs and practices. 

Products certified by Christian Certification Authority Australia will empower those who follow the Christian faith to choose the brands and support companies that are aligned with our faith and values.  

Consumers of food prepared by accredited companies displaying Christian Certification Authority Australia logos will know that products are not only acceptable but Christian principles have been implemented throughout the process. We believe providing this clear message to consumers will improve customer relations and increase company sales by providing a level of trust and contentment to consumers who may be in doubt about values embodied in certified products.

Christian Certification Authority Pty Ltd will ensure that all products bearing our logo and or gain certification have been prepared in accordance with guidelines for our certification process.  This means that foods prepared have not undergone procedures that could cause concern for the Christian community.

Christian Certification Authority Australia offers tailored certification packages for small businesses to large corporations.  

Contact us today to discuss how we can help….    Bring your business into the Light!


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