About Us

We are an Australian owned and run company dedicated to providing equal opportunities in the food manufacturing and production industries across Australia.

CCAAustralia has been developed to represent the Christian community in the field of food certification and the advertising of religion on packaged foods and beverages across Australia.

Christian Certification Authority Pty Ltd consists of a team of Christians from different denominations with the same beliefs in relation to our biblical food laws and have a passion to ease concerns surrounding religious certification. We are Non-denominal and work together with all relative organisations to resolve issues that we believe are causing concern for the Christian community across Australia.

Our faith and values are at the core of our company and everything we do so you can be sure to be guided on the right path.

Christian Certification Authority believes that the time has come to implement Christian Certification and to make this easily identifiable for all consumers. The success and growth certification bodies entering the food industry has been noticed for some time. The current certifications are an effective measure appealing to different demographics of people who follow a certain set of beliefs or dietary requirements. There is a void in the current options offered and it is Christian Certification Authority’s intention to address this omission by offering our services to companies wanting to appeal to, and include the christian community when deciding on certifications offered in todays market.

CCAAustralia is a third party certification company offering its services to all eligible businesses seeking to appeal to the Christian community. Our Certification Guidelines have been developed to ensure that all products certified and those bearing our logo are in line with the Christian faith, beliefs and teachings as found throughout many published Christian doctrines. This will offer the Christian consumer added assurance that such products are acceptable and can be enjoyed with a clear conscience. 

Christian Certification Authority Australia offers its services to all company’s with or without existing certification.

We provide certification services for small businesses to major corporations.

We believe our unique product will;

  • Be Inclusive of the Christian community. 
  • Offer new choices for those who seek.
  • Promote unity and acceptance.
  • Grow your customer base.
  • Increase consumer loyalty.
  • Provide new marketing opportunities.
  • Open alternative markets.
  • Align like minded people to support certified companies.


CCAAustralia has a quality management system in place to ensure professional standards are met.  

Certification is a quick and easy process.  Contact us today to see how we can help you join our network of market leaders.