Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of CCAAustralia?

To ensure that foods are also acceptable for the Christian consumer to enjoy.

CCAAustralia provides a consumer choice service, one which is inclusive to all people wishing to enjoy food that is “Christian Certified” similar to the practices of kosher, halal, heart smart and vegetarian certifying bodies. This will offer the Christian consumer additional confidence that products bearing the CCA logo have been prepared in ways deemed acceptable in accordance with the scriptures. As well as offering companies the opportunity to appeal to a broader demographic of  people than is currently available. 

What services do you offer?

For an annual fee we certify large and small manufactures products and provide marketing services through our websites and other advertising avenues where the public can specifically find items and companies that are Christian Certified and locations where these products are available. Along with the website advertising, we also provide a certificate of acceptance that can be displayed in store or board room so customers will know that the companies are Christian Certified. Larger manufactures will be able to display our logo on their packaging similar to the way that halal, vegan, kosher and vegetarian logos are currently displayed.

How much will this process cost?

The fee is an annual membership based on the size and requirements of the business being certified. This includes the certificate and entry to the certified food directory on our sister website. Larger organisations and manufacturers will be assessed on level  of representation required. Prices are calculated on the individual requirements of each company and are similar to those charged in the industry by other certifying bodies.

Will this increase to end price to consumers?

CCAAustralia does not intend to add to the daily cost of living to consumers through our certification process however we have no control over what companies charge for their products. As their are many factors which influence pricing like seasonal availability of products, imported or local products, transport and logistical services, fuel prices, insurances and many more factors which impact on the end price to consumers. We are mindful of  this and will work with companies to remain competitive without burdening them with additional expense. 

How will your services benefit anyone?

Our goal is to provide a service to the public that wish to purchase Christian Certified products. Supply an alternative advertising avenue for manufactures whilst creating job opportunities directly and indirectly in our new and unique field. Helping charities and and organisation’s with similar values towards disadvantaged people.  

Will you be in opposition to halal or kosher food certification?

No. The idea is to be inclusive for everyone. If a product is kosher and or halal certified then our aim is to also ensure that products are safe and prepared in accordance with Christian beliefs and teachings. Which means that foods are only halal and or kosher in a sense that they have not come in to contact with any thing considered unlawful and have not been ritually sacrificed or consecrated in prayers to non Christian God’s or idol’s.